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15th International Packaging Trade Show in Georgia

For 15 years of its existence AGRO FOOD DRINK TECH EXPO became a well-established and recognized event, with long tradition and growing dynamics it attracts large number of professional local and international visitors, buyers, high-quality experts and government support and offers its participants the best opportunity to launch new products and services on emerging Caucasian Market.

Agro Food Drink Tech Expo provides a unique platform to showcase products and services and network with targeted groups and high ranking agriculture officials, food industry professionals and buyers to identify and explore business and investment opportunities in Georgia and across the Caucasian region. Over the last 15 years, the event maintained its position as the leading specialized event in agriculture and offers endless opportunities for businesses operating in related fields.

Each year thousands of visitors attend the exhibition among them are government officials, corporate and private buyers, regional and international guests and several thousand farmers from different regions of Georgia.

Event will take place on 18 – 20 November, at Expo Georgia Exhibition Center.

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Doing Business 2016 – Georgia worsened its position by 9 points

In the  World Bank’s “Doing Business -2016” report Georgia is ranked 24th. In comparison with the previous rating Georgia  worsened its  positions  by 9 points.

The reason, as the minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia Dimitri Kumsishvili stated is the changes made in the indicators developed by the World Bank.

“I want to note that the World Bank has added new categories, and the rating was calculated based on these categories. Many countries have undertaken reforms, but two and more reforms have been carried out only in 18 countries. And Georgia is among them. We are talking about a building permit, in particular, acceleration of the issuance of building permits, as well as the possibility of downloading  online documents in court and electronic document management “, – says Kumsishvili

According to the representative of the World Bank, many factors, such as the simplification of business regulations for local entrepreneurs, contributed to growth in economic indicators. Overall, despite some deterioration, Georgia is still one of the world leaders in the ​​ease of doing business.



Georgians at Collision Conf with the World’s Most Disruptive Startups

Do you want to meet with the founders of Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, Skype, Zappos, Tesla, Dropbox, etc?

Collision Conf is a real opportunity for this. This is the one of the largest professional platform in the world that annually conducts Enterprise and Marketing Summits, where attendees can hear from the world’s leading marketers and enterprisers.

[columns_row width=”half”]

[column] [dropcap letter=”T”]his is the greatest opportunities for startups from all around the world.

Each week Collision is selecting early stage startups from around the world to exhibit as part of ALPHA.

If you’re selected for ALPHA you get an exhibition stand, 4 tickets, opportunity to access Investor Office Hours, Mentor Hours, Startup University, Startup Workshops, Startup Roundtables and much more for $1,495.

In 2016 Collision Conf will have participants from Georgia as well, is taking part in the summit. [/column] [column] This year summit topics will cover the following:

Why does analytics matter more today than ever before?
What new platforms and tools are delivering the greatest ROI for your industry?
What strategies should agencies and brands now avoid?

What emerging technologies should we know about?

Can artificial intelligence outperform creatives?

Decentralisation and open source: Is this the future of enterprise software?

What are the most likely future trends in secure SaaS applications? [/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]

Among the attendees of Collision Conf will be Coca-cola, Adidas, McCann worldgroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Adobe, BBDO, McKinsey, DHL and many others.

Apply for Accreditation at

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International Monetary Conference is Taking Place in Georgia

First time in Georgia – International Monetary Conference “Money of Liberty” will be held on November 6-7. The event is organized by the New Economic School – Georgia in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

[columns_row width=”half”] [column] [dropcap letter=”T”]he goal of the conference is to discuss important and relevant issues related with current monetary policy in Georgia and possible development, alternatives and new tendencies.

Specially invited speakers Professor Veselin Vukotic, The Founder and Rector of University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro, Vaclav Rybacek, Ph.D., Director of Government and Financial Accounts Section Statistical Office, Czech Republic, Ruta Vainiene, Independent Analyst, Former President of Free Market Institute, Lithuania, Martin Zaimov, A Board Member of  Expressbank (SociétéGénérale Group) , Former Deputy Director of the National Bank, Bulgaria will share their countries’ experience as well as personal views about current state of affairs and future of monetary system. [/column]

[column] Mr. Zurab Japharidze, Member of Georgian Parliament will present his initiative regarding improvement of monetary system in Georgia.

Members and staffers of Parliament, representatives of Georgian National Bank, Ministry of Finance, Department of Statistics, Commercial Banks and other businesses, experts and lecturers from different universities, journalists and members of NGO sector will attend the event to share their opinions and practices, also discuss strategies and approaches for the monetary policy in Georgia as well as general trends in monetary arrangements. [/column] [/columns_row]

Two-day event will be held at Betsy’s Hotel32-34 K. Makashvili street, Tbilisi, Georgia.

For further details and agenda of the event, please visit and


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There are many brands that don’t have the best products but we still love associating ourselves with them. What is the reason, what is the factor that makes an impact on the customer? The answer is: brand transparency.

[separator type=”thin”] [columns_row width=”half”] [column] [dropcap letter=”I”]f there’s one thing these companies are best at, it’s the ability to build an authentic brand. It’s how they’ve become one of the leaders in their market in such a short time span.

The rise of technology and social media has given rise to more competition. Since it’s cheaper than ever to start your own business, especially in the software sector, any current or future business will be facing an increasing number of competition in the near future. Consumers want to know is your “why.” They want to explore why your company does what you do, and how they can participate in the journey with you. [/column] [column] With the abundance of information available online, consumers have also become abundantly smart. Transparency is the new black.  This means if you’re not able to bring your customers and fans inside what’s happening in your business — whether you’re a solopreneur or a 1,000 employee company — you’re already behind the trend. More importantly, if your competitors are building transparency in the market, you’re already losing trust with your customers.  We now live in a world where you are 140 characters away from destroying your reputation. Never forget that.

So what does all this mean. What can you do in order to start building this authentic relationship with your audience? Let’s break it down into three simple components. [/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]

Put a face to your brand – The future of marketing is in platforms. This is why the leading companies are starting invest in online celebrities who have built a thriving audience in their respective platforms.

Shut up with your features – No one cares that your software loads three seconds faster than your competitors, or that you have the cheapest price in the market. People buy on emotions. It’s why they pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee, rather than going to a local cafe next door. Rather than talking about what each of your features does better, expose your “why” and become bigger than the product and service you’re selling.

Dare to risk it all – Be willing to put everything on the line to build your brand’s reputation and serve your customers. This can mean sacrificing short-term profits or revealing exclusive information to bring your company to life.

Georgia 2020 – government’s plan of country development and Business Support

[columns_row width=”half”] [column] [dropcap letter=”I”]n 2014 the Government of Georgia adopted country’s socio-economic development strategy – “Georgia 2020”, which sets inclusive economic development as the main objective of the government. The notion is based on the increasing number of jobs, innovation and competitiveness of private sector. Several initiatives have already been launched to implement these ideas, including the establishment of Enterprise Georgia, with the main mission to promote the private sector In order to achieve the above mentioned Enterprise Georgia has developed specific programs and is an active implementer of the government program “Produce in Georgia” initiated by the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili. [/column] [column] Since June 2014 up to date, under the program “Produce in Georgia” 62 new businesses were launched with the total anticipated investment value of 111 900 000 USD. Out of those new ventures 39 have gained access to finance and the bank loan interest rates are co-financed by the government, as for the rest of the businesses government provided state owned land and buildings for the production purposes, while the entrepreneurs expressed commitment to invest around 27 300 000 USD in those new ventures. [/column] [/columns_row]

Legal Regulations for Business

Giorgi Tsertsvadze, an Associate Professor of the Law Faculty of TSU, a Manager and a Partner of the juridical company G&T Consulting about the legal environment for starting business in Georgia.

Legislation, regulating the establishment and farther functioning of a company, has been changed several times in Georgia. Especially noteworthy is the reform, carried out in 2008, which has fundamentally altered the Law on Entrepreneurs. Today, the Law functions in the same pattern. However, as it is already known to the juridical community, in the beginning of 2014, a commission was created, the function of which was the regulation of the Law on Companies in Georgia. The commission includes such professional lawyers as Prof. Lado Chaturia, Prof. Giorgi Jugeli, Prof. Irakli Burduli… Their legislative project had already been discussed by the Ministry of Justice. Soon, it will be presented to the Parliament. I have talked to the project authors and, as a theorist and practicing lawyer in the Business Law, I am absolutely gratified with the results. It will be a maximally effective Law, byusing of which small businesses will be registered without an excessive bureaucratic barrier. Both business management and operations will be simplified too. Joint-stock company regulations will be ascertained in detail. Current Law on Entrepreneurs, unfortunately, doesn’t cover all areas (courtand registration directions). The gaps, existed in the current Law, often leads to the heterogeneous decisions. However, the entrepreneur registration system doesn’t have problems in terms of efficiency of Ltd. company registration. Though, if a foreign investor gets involved, complications may arise. Entrepreneurial Registration Office has to review their documentations and adapt them to the Georgian registration regulations. Unfortunately, in such situations, a number of gaps and mistakes are revealed, for which the entire Registration Office cannot be blamed. The Law doesn’t have answers to all questions. Therefore, it is extremely important to operate the new Law on Entrepreneurs as soon as possible.

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The Economical Choice of Georgia

Today, in Georgia, there are several economic problems that create tense social background, and so worry our society. If we try to arrange these problems in terms of gravity, then we will come up with the following: First, the most important factor is the inflation and the devaluation of national currency. The second problem is the imbalance of export-import. Third – the exogenous factors that influence the economy – the decreasing price of fuel on world markets and, as a result, asymmetrical change of prices on oil products in Georgia. Then – geopolitical factors such as Russia-Ukraine war and the strengthening of US dollar. Afterwards – endogenous factors – the investment policy of the Georgian government and its influence on the domestic market, the increase of excise tax, and the increased protectionism of local businesses – Teimuraz Shengelia, PhD in economics and the leading professor and the head of International Business module at Tbilisi State University about the economic situation in Georgia.