Georgians at Collision Conf with the World’s Most Disruptive Startups

Do you want to meet with the founders of Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, Skype, Zappos, Tesla, Dropbox, etc?

Collision Conf is a real opportunity for this. This is the one of the largest professional platform in the world that annually conducts Enterprise and Marketing Summits, where attendees can hear from the world’s leading marketers and enterprisers.

This is the greatest opportunities for startups from all around the world.

Each week Collision is selecting early stage startups from around the world to exhibit as part of ALPHA.

If you’re selected for ALPHA you get an exhibition stand, 4 tickets, opportunity to access Investor Office Hours, Mentor Hours, Startup University, Startup Workshops, Startup Roundtables and much more for $1,495.

In 2016 Collision Conf will have participants from Georgia as well, is taking part in the summit.

This year summit topics will cover the following:

Why does analytics matter more today than ever before?
What new platforms and tools are delivering the greatest ROI for your industry?
What strategies should agencies and brands now avoid?

What emerging technologies should we know about?

Can artificial intelligence outperform creatives?

Decentralisation and open source: Is this the future of enterprise software?

What are the most likely future trends in secure SaaS applications?

Among the attendees of Collision Conf will be Coca-cola, Adidas, McCann worldgroup, Deloitte, Facebook, Adobe, BBDO, McKinsey, DHL and many others.

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