There are many brands that don’t have the best products but we still love associating ourselves with them. What is the reason, what is the factor that makes an impact on the customer? The answer is: brand transparency.

If there’s one thing these companies are best at, it’s the ability to build an authentic brand. It’s how they’ve become one of the leaders in their market in such a short time span.

The rise of technology and social media has given rise to more competition. Since it’s cheaper than ever to start your own business, especially in the software sector, any current or future business will be facing an increasing number of competition in the near future. Consumers want to know is your “why.” They want to explore why your company does what you do, and how they can participate in the journey with you.

With the abundance of information available online, consumers have also become abundantly smart. Transparency is the new black.  This means if you’re not able to bring your customers and fans inside what’s happening in your business — whether you’re a solopreneur or a 1,000 employee company — you’re already behind the trend. More importantly, if your competitors are building transparency in the market, you’re already losing trust with your customers.  We now live in a world where you are 140 characters away from destroying your reputation. Never forget that.

So what does all this mean. What can you do in order to start building this authentic relationship with your audience? Let’s break it down into three simple components.

Put a face to your brand – The future of marketing is in platforms. This is why the leading companies are starting invest in online celebrities who have built a thriving audience in their respective platforms.

Shut up with your features – No one cares that your software loads three seconds faster than your competitors, or that you have the cheapest price in the market. People buy on emotions. It’s why they pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee, rather than going to a local cafe next door. Rather than talking about what each of your features does better, expose your “why” and become bigger than the product and service you’re selling.

Dare to risk it all – Be willing to put everything on the line to build your brand’s reputation and serve your customers. This can mean sacrificing short-term profits or revealing exclusive information to bring your company to life.