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Business tourism is a fast-growing market segment of the world’s largest industry sector.


There is a strong relation between the national economy of the countries and business tourism.Business tourism is able to gain many economic fruits for the interest of the national economy.

The purpose of Business Tours – one more product of Business Georgia, is to connect Georgian businesses and start-ups with potential investors. Tours that time by time will cover all the regions of Georgia will bring investors to let them introduce with the potential of different industries in the country.
We are all aware of the importance of business communications during tour. You will be able to introduce potential business partners, exchange information and simply get more benefits from business tour.

➤➤ Benefits from business tour for participating companies in Georgia:


We are specialists in planning, organizing and managing meetings, forums and events, finding that perfect venue and location projecting the correct image for your interest. Allow us to set up formal and informal meetings in Georgia.