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A great opportunity for start-ups

Another great opportunity for start-ups in Georgia and CIS countries.
Find an easy way to enter global market, implement projects in one of the largest financial groups, get support of an experienced mentor, test your product in practice and attract investments.
Opportunity to collect applications is available till 31 of August 2018.
Participation is held by VTB Acceleration and is completely free of charge. If you are a start-up having experience in big data & analytics, scoring technologies, blockchain, AI, biometrics, “Know your customer” technologies or cyber-security, follow the link below for more detailed information and application form:
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GIG: HPP Mtkvari will be used for implementation of strategic projects

Tbilisi (GBC) – “Georgian Industrial Group” is among the new holders of LLC “Mtkvari Energy” .
According to the Group, affiliated international company has acquired company’s share, founded by “Mtkvari Energy” within the frame of Inventors’ Consortium.
The Group declares, that the purchased assets are planned to be used for maintenance the existing capacities, as well as for implementation of future strategic projects by Georgian Industrial Group jointly with Chinese partners.
The group acquired HPP “Mtkvari”, locating in Gardabni as an asset, which consists of two energy blocks: 9th and 10th , each installed capacity totals to 300 mgwt.
“InterRao” announced about the sale of hydro power plant on Thursday.
In addition, “InterRao” notes, that they do not plant to suspend works in Georgia, as the company has other assets, including 75%-share in “TELASI” and hydrogenation assets.