The Economical Choice of Georgia

Today, in Georgia, there are several economic problems that create tense social background, and so worry our society. If we try to arrange these problems in terms of gravity, then we will come up with the following: First, the most important factor is the inflation and the devaluation of national currency. The second problem is the imbalance of export-import. Third – the exogenous factors that influence the economy – the decreasing price of fuel on world markets and, as a result, asymmetrical change of prices on oil products in Georgia. Then – geopolitical factors such as Russia-Ukraine war and the strengthening of US dollar. Afterwards – endogenous factors – the investment policy of the Georgian government and its influence on the domestic market, the increase of excise tax, and the increased protectionism of local businesses – Teimuraz Shengelia, PhD in economics and the leading professor and the head of International Business module at Tbilisi State University about the economic situation in Georgia.