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Nassim Taleb will deliver 2-day lecture on Antifragility in Tbilisi

On March 30 and April 1, Nassim Taleb will run a 2-day Antifragility workshop for 100 top managers from the largest companies in Georgia and the CIS countries. The globally recognized author will talk about how to measure antifragility and cultivate it in yourself and your company. The event will be opened by the Minister of Finance of Georgia, Mr. Mamuka Bakhtadze.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the author of best-selling books Antifragile and The Black Swan. In addition, the participants will hear the excerpts from a new, yet to be published book Skin in the Game, the Logic of Risk Taking. For 10 years now, he’s been studying unexpected and predicted events in the global economy. Taleb started as a risk analyst at New York stock exchanges and ran his own hedge fund.

Antifragility is the ability to benefit from failures, become stronger when facing difficulties, and move forward even under high uncertainty. The term was coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his best-selling book The Black Swan.

We’ve selected the most inspiring quotes from Antifragile:

ON ADVICE – “Never ask anyone for their opinion, forecast, or recommendation. Just ask them what they have—or don’t have—in their portfolio.”

ON WEALTH – “The record shows that, for society, the richer we become, the harder it gets to live within our means. Abundance is harder for us to handle than scarcity.”

ON LOSERS – “Further, my characterization of a loser is someone who, after making a mistake, doesn’t introspect, doesn’t exploit it, feels embarrassed and defensive rather than enriched with a new piece of information, and tries to explain why he made the mistake rather than moving on. These types often consider themselves the “victims” of some large plot, a bad boss, or bad weather.”

ON TRIAL AND ERROR – “Further, the random element in trial and error is not quite random, if it is carried out rationally, using error as a source of information. If every trial provides you with information about what does not work, you start zooming in on a solution—so every attempt becomes more valuable, more like an expense than an error. And of course you make discoveries along the way.”

Due to the interactive format of the workshop and limited number of participants, everyone will be able to comment or ask the speaker any questions about his talk.

The event will take place at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, one of Georgia’s best hotels located in the heart of the sunny Tbilisi.

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Dedofilitskaro -“The Barn of Georgia”

The municipality of Dedoflistkaro is a biggest  one in Kaheti region.  The area is 2529,2 km, it’s a 17% of Kakheti. Municipality population are 32,443, its mean  8% of  population in region. There are 16 settlement, 1 town and 15 village. City population are 7378, village -25065.  The 80%of population are living  in the village.

Municipality of Dedoflistskaro  has a unique natural area, there are wild nature and landscape which is uniqe in the world. For example “Vashlovani Preserve” which is a protected area.

Also the main Sightseeing is  castle-town “Kornabuji”, it’s a historical area and the fifth century are there.

Nikoloz Janiashvili   is a governor of Dedoflistkaro, Business Georgia’s special edition will cover following issues:

➤Economic environment and the popular business sector in dedoflistkaro;

➤Supporting projects of the government;

➤Problems in the region;

➤Plans, priorities;

➤Recommendations for business;

Exhibition-selling organized by APNSC

On 22nd of april was held Exhibition-selling organized by NGO-APNSC (association for people in need of special care). It’s an union of People, who are willing to care for those who need it.
The main purpose of this organization is introduction of social therapy in Georgia, in order to help adults with impaired physical and spiritual development of Daily life, social integration, to raise awareness and perception of their daily life in the public.
They are creating the Unity program, which promotes young people and adults with impaired development of the individual and the social integration. Help beneficiaries work , engage with society , create art and have more quality time .
Social teraphy house was founded in 1990, at the moment APNSC is caring for 52 beneficiaries, who are working in different aspects of arts and crafts.

On their exhibition fare you could see and purchase:

➤ Wax and scented paraffin candles with different beautiful shapes
➤ Exquisitely hand made products from recycled paper, decorated with herbarium: beautiful note-books, envelopes, exercise books.
➤ Felt products
➤ Different wooden household products: different shapes of cutting boards. Kitchen utensils, puzzle and toys for children
➤ Exclusively designed boxes, bottles, cans, paper-made knitted baskets, wooden boxes.

Exhibition-selling takes part twice a year, before Christmas and before Easter holidays. The mainc purpose of this charity event is to provide beneficiaries with different necessary equipment.

Start-ups, get ready for financing!

Start-ups, get ready for financing!

Institute of financing start-ups will start funding from September.Funding mechanism of  start-ups has already completed.

Partnership Fund  director David Saganelidze, announced that  the financing of the first start-up project is expected to take place in September.

Partnership Fund will coolaborate with techno park, and foster projects initiated by young generation in order to involve the youth in business activity.

The Partnership Foundation and the Ministry of Economy are working for start-up funding mechanism. Minister of Economy announced that the fund will consist of about 30-35 million GEL. According to the project, start-up businesses will be able to take a loan from commercial banks without collateral.