Exhibition-selling organized by APNSC

On 22nd of april was held Exhibition-selling organized by NGO-APNSC (association for people in need of special care). It’s an union of People, who are willing to care for those who need it.
The main purpose of this organization is introduction of social therapy in Georgia, in order to help adults with impaired physical and spiritual development of Daily life, social integration, to raise awareness and perception of their daily life in the public.
They are creating the Unity program, which promotes young people and adults with impaired development of the individual and the social integration. Help beneficiaries work , engage with society , create art and have more quality time .
Social teraphy house was founded in 1990, at the moment APNSC is caring for 52 beneficiaries, who are working in different aspects of arts and crafts.

On their exhibition fare you could see and purchase:

➤ Wax and scented paraffin candles with different beautiful shapes
➤ Exquisitely hand made products from recycled paper, decorated with herbarium: beautiful note-books, envelopes, exercise books.
➤ Felt products
➤ Different wooden household products: different shapes of cutting boards. Kitchen utensils, puzzle and toys for children
➤ Exclusively designed boxes, bottles, cans, paper-made knitted baskets, wooden boxes.

Exhibition-selling takes part twice a year, before Christmas and before Easter holidays. The mainc purpose of this charity event is to provide beneficiaries with different necessary equipment.