Dedofilitskaro -“The Barn of Georgia”

The municipality of Dedoflistkaro is a biggest  one in Kaheti region.  The area is 2529,2 km, it’s a 17% of Kakheti. Municipality population are 32,443, its mean  8% of  population in region. There are 16 settlement, 1 town and 15 village. City population are 7378, village -25065.  The 80%of population are living  in the village.

Municipality of Dedoflistskaro  has a unique natural area, there are wild nature and landscape which is uniqe in the world. For example “Vashlovani Preserve” which is a protected area.

Also the main Sightseeing is  castle-town “Kornabuji”, it’s a historical area and the fifth century are there.

Nikoloz Janiashvili   is a governor of Dedoflistkaro, Business Georgia’s special edition will cover following issues:

➤Economic environment and the popular business sector in dedoflistkaro;

➤Supporting projects of the government;

➤Problems in the region;

➤Plans, priorities;

➤Recommendations for business;