Google will invest on Georgian students’ start-up

Georgian Free University team has become the winner of google competition.

Google and Lenovo are working on a new tablet, which has new opportunities to better illustrate  the world. It has additional functions, which means that new era of technologies is developing.

A few month ago google has announced a competition, in which were participating Georgian Free University students too. The participants had to think of the ideas, which would  clearly express the main idea of new sensors. Georgian students presented  Impressive idea and became the winner of Tango Project App Incubator competition.

Their startup is called Wally and it will be fully financed by Google.

The tablet will be on sale this summer.

This case is good motivator  for students and young generations to make their own ideas come true. This is possible and we have a very good example of it.


Caucasus MICE 2016

CAUCASUS MICE, 5th Caucasus Incentive, Business Travel and Meeting Exhibition 2016 will be held between 14 April, 2016 and 16 April, 2016.

Fair and Exhibition organizer is ExpoGeorgia Trade Fair Centre.

On this event will be discussed very important and interesting topics like Hospitality, Meetings Industry, Business Travel, Incentive Travel and Congress Organize.

Approximately 3000 visitors are going to participate this Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition.

CAUCASUS MICE  is annual event, which is held already 5th  time in Georgia.

Caucasus tourism fair 2016

On 14-16 April international tourism Fair will be held in Exhibition Center ExpoGeorgia Fairground in Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgia has 18 years of experience in tourism industry. This event will introduce tourism culture to Caucasus region and international participants. 3 day exhibition is great opportunity for regional markets and businesses to show mutual benefits and work together for their growth.

This event showcases wide range of various services concerning the travel and tourism industry and many more related products in the Travel & Tourism industry.

Most popular and paid professions nowadays

Are you curious which are most profitable professions? Which fields are hiring constantly and what jobs are in high demand now? Well, according to statistics it is the era of technology, most lists are dominated by jobs like software architect, software development manager, solutions architect and computer hardware engineer. Field of healthcare is always on top too. Following physician, pharmacy manager is in second place with job openings. Among the jobs outside the technology or health care fields are finances, sales and marketing. While these jobs pay handsomely, it’s important to note that most also require a high level of experience, skills and education to get hired.

There are two mainly important directions in 2016:

Drone Manufacturing

Demand for recreational drones is going up, and the uses of commercial drones–scientific research, surveillance, delivery–are seemingly endless.

Virtual Reality

After decades of hype, VR technology finally appears to have turned the corner. Consumers are expected to purchase several million VR headsets in 2016, and industry experts agree this will be a breakout year for the sector.


Czech Business Delegation in Georgia

February 8-10 Georgia will host the business delegation from Czech Republic. It will include 30 Czech companies, that are interested to establish business relations and develop partnerships with the representatives of Georgian commercial sector. Within the delegation the minister of trade and industry Yan Mladeck will also visit the country. During the forum, parties will have the opportunity to discuss their future cooperation and joint project. On the event companies will be presented in the following fields: railway production and equipment, banking & financial sectors, consulting, transport and logistic, informational technologies, tourism, construction, etc.


CSR: Companies’ Report to Media

Specially for the Georgian media sector and the auditory that is interested to take an insight what in the commercial sector is going on, on 22th of February companies will present their reports, summarizing their activities towards CSR to media. During the event, business will discuss important projects that they have implemented, projects that will emphasize their contribution to the society, in which they’re working and getting benefits. Their sense of CSR will be the main focus of the meeting.


Event will be held at Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

For media accreditation, visit: Companies’ report to media

GEW-business georgia - entrepreneurship

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Georgia

November 16-21 is Global Entrepreneurship Week in Georgia. One of the most large-scale international project intends to promote popularization of entrepreneurship and to support new generation, increase motivation for creating new and innovative entrepreneurial programs.

During 5 days attendees can listen to the interesting discussions about the following topics:

  • Startup Talks  Educating the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • Financing opportunities for startups
  • Startup stories
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Marketing for startups
  • Crowdfunding as an additional opportunity for new project ideas

Official organizer of the entrepreneurship week is Young Entrepreneurs Association in the collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Network Georgia.

The project has full support from the side of Ministry of Economy, Agency of Innovations and technology, Technological Fund, Eurasia Partnership Fund, etc.

For the ones who hasn’t opportunity to attend the event, Business Georgia will provide overview of the key topics and issues discussed during these 5 days.



World’s Advertising Industry at AdBlackSea Festival 2015

Ad Black Sea, a new international advertising festival presented by Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia together with All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition took place on September 24-27 in Batumi, Georgia.

[columns_row width=”half”] [column] [dropcap letter=”T”]his festival aimed to inspire all its participants – advertisers and creative people – with bold, unusual ideas and nontrivial solutions. This is a real competition, but not only. It is a platform of social interaction with colleagues for sharing ideas and planning ahead, the opportunity to meet people not only online, to discuss all the charm and challenges of advertising profession. [/column] [column] During 4 intense days advertisers shared their experience at seminars. This year Batumi was a meeting point for creative world.

Business Georgia, as an official media partner of the festival, presents interviews with the representatives of world’s top creative & advertising agencies:[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]

Michael Conrad, President of Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Germany

Evgeny Primachenko, Copywriter of Wieden + Kennedy, Netherlands

Farid Chehab, Honorary Chairman and Advisor to the Board of Leo Burnett MENA, Lebanon

Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff, Executive Chairman and Founder of Mixer, Brasil

Vato Kavtaradze, Director of the Festival, Windfor’s

Read Business Georgia November issue!

5th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum in Tbilisi

Micro enterprises form a large percentage of total businesses in Central Asia and Caucasus. As a result facilitating credit flow from MFIs to their clients leads to sustained economic development. to continue their growth  MFIs in the region need to broaden and attract more clients with diverse products and a stronger funding base.

UNIGLOBAL’s 2 day forum brought together the leaders in the microfinance industry. They have discussed and shared the latest practices and strategies in order to take advantage of fast changing environment.

Business Georgia has been the official media partner of the event and in the November issue of the magazine it will present exclusive interviews with Georgian and foreign representatives of the microfinance sphere:

Gerlof de Korte, Manager Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus at Triple Jump, Georgia

Archil Bakuradze, Board Member at Georgian Microfinance Association

Daniel Balson, Lead specialist at the smart campaign Accion, USA

Tamuna Liluashvili, Deputy Director at Georgian National Investment Agency

Andrei Kotov, General Manager at LLC “Credit 911”, Russia

awards tourism business georgia

Major event of the Tourism business is taking place on November 20th

[columns_row width=”half”] [column] [dropcap letter=”T”]he First Welcome to Georgia! Award Ceremony will take place on November 20th 2015 at one of the best venue of Tbilisi – Funicular Complex. Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Award will celebrate the diversity of the country’s locations and destinations. Therefore the Official Ceremony will be held in different cities and spots annually. [/column] [column] The project highlights major achievements in Georgian tourism, culture, hotel & restaurant business allowing the best players of the market to receive deserved awards and to fix their leadership positions. Welcome to Georgia! Award is a chance to celebrate highest- achieving tourism businesses and brands that work towards creating a positive image of Georgia worldwide. This opportunity will bring together local and national authorities, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies and more. It is the Oscar for Georgian tourism and travel. [/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thin”]

Award participants and guests of the Official Welcome to Georgia! Award Ceremony – all the key industry players, including – 300 representatives of the tourism & hospitality sector in Georgia:

Also we would like to mention that independence and impeccable reputation are the core values of the Awards.

In additional we would like to share with you more information about the Awards’ Independent Auditor role – BDO Company – THE LEADER FOR EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICE. Independent Auditor will review of the final records and provide internal control of materials, which definitely will be approval by his objective approval. That means that WELCOME TO GEORGIA! NATIONAL TOURISM AWARDS is totally transparent and all processes are being truly according the judges (and voting) decisions.