Major event of the Tourism business is taking place on November 20th

awards tourism business georgia
awards tourism business georgia
The First Welcome to Georgia! Award Ceremony will take place on November 20th 2015 at one of the best venue of Tbilisi – Funicular Complex. Welcome to Georgia! National Tourism Award will celebrate the diversity of the country’s locations and destinations. Therefore the Official Ceremony will be held in different cities and spots annually.
The project highlights major achievements in Georgian tourism, culture, hotel & restaurant business allowing the best players of the market to receive deserved awards and to fix their leadership positions. Welcome to Georgia! Award is a chance to celebrate highest- achieving tourism businesses and brands that work towards creating a positive image of Georgia worldwide. This opportunity will bring together local and national authorities, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agencies and more. It is the Oscar for Georgian tourism and travel.

Award participants and guests of the Official Welcome to Georgia! Award Ceremony – all the key industry players, including – 300 representatives of the tourism & hospitality sector in Georgia:

Also we would like to mention that independence and impeccable reputation are the core values of the Awards.

In additional we would like to share with you more information about the Awards’ Independent Auditor role – BDO Company – THE LEADER FOR EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICE. Independent Auditor will review of the final records and provide internal control of materials, which definitely will be approval by his objective approval. That means that WELCOME TO GEORGIA! NATIONAL TOURISM AWARDS is totally transparent and all processes are being truly according the judges (and voting) decisions.