Most popular and paid professions nowadays

Are you curious which are most profitable professions? Which fields are hiring constantly and what jobs are in high demand now? Well, according to statistics it is the era of technology, most lists are dominated by jobs like software architect, software development manager, solutions architect and computer hardware engineer. Field of healthcare is always on top too. Following physician, pharmacy manager is in second place with job openings. Among the jobs outside the technology or health care fields are finances, sales and marketing. While these jobs pay handsomely, it’s important to note that most also require a high level of experience, skills and education to get hired.

There are two mainly important directions in 2016:

Drone Manufacturing

Demand for recreational drones is going up, and the uses of commercial drones–scientific research, surveillance, delivery–are seemingly endless.

Virtual Reality

After decades of hype, VR technology finally appears to have turned the corner. Consumers are expected to purchase several million VR headsets in 2016, and industry experts agree this will be a breakout year for the sector.