Internet Forum Tbilisi 2015

Internet and the modern epoch – that was the main point of IFT2015 – Internet Forum Tbilisi, which was held for the second time in Georgia. According to the organizers, the goal of the event was to gather internet activists, developers and other interested parties, representatives of different companies together to discuss history and development of internet in Georgia.

Everyone agrees that the role and the importance of internet is undoubtedly significant nowadays and it is hard to imagine uninterrupted functioning of any sector without using internet space and its instruments & mechanisms that are continuously developing every day. Someone that may has great idea and is facing trouble with implementation or financing, may find the the person who will make this all come true, and all this is possible in a very limited time via internet.

The speakers that are experts in this field, shared their experience with the audience during the event. Among the organizations, that were presented at the event by the speakers were: OpenNet, Wer Michelle, Podrozniccy, Agency of Innovations and Technologies, Information Freedom development Institute, TBC bank, Rustavi 2, etc.

Attenders had the opportunity to find out how the internetization process went through years in Georgia and how the first Georgian website looked like.