Georgia Ranked Second Among World’s Ancient Civilizations

Georgia has been ranked second among the best ancient civilizations in the world by an American website named The Top Tens.
From 90 ancient civilizations Georgia has been ranked second place.
According to the website, ancient Georgia surpassed ancient Egypt and came in the second place after ancient Greece. Georgia also outstripped China that was ranked number four and ancient Rome that came in the fifth place.
“It is very old nation and very old country. The bravest nation in the world. It is magnificent country with amazing nature and interesting architecture. According to archaeological excavations in the territory of Georgia there are the first hominids in Europe 1.8 million years ago. It is believed that they were the first Europeans, and that Georgia is a country where they have spread to other parts of Europe,”
“Very interesting culture, if we take in a consideration of their folk, their own spelling, their own language of course. this is really one of the greatest and oldest cultures in the world. there much more to write, but I just advice you to have an interest and see how great history is behind this tiny spot on the map”
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