Business Forum

Business Forum

Monthly scheduled discussion based events in Georgia

After launching magazine BUSINESS GEORGIA, company decided to develop the channels of delivering its main message to the society, to initiate more and more activities, that would help our audience to get even greater benefit from us. In order not to set limitations and extend opportunities further than printed media, Business Georgia started conducting Industry-based, Subject-based and Regional business forums, dedicated to the specific, strategically important and relevant issues, considering current situation in Georgian market.

Forums will first of all improve the communication and exchange of information between business, governmental, international sectors and the audience, will form the background for future partnerships between them and with all these will positively impact on general business climate in the country, more successful individual or joint business projects will be implemented as a result.

Mission of the business forums is to promote a strong  identity within our business market, through evaluating  preferences, needs, value and benefits of our community, to foster relationship with businesses operating  through partnerships and joint ventures, to adopt best practices in everything we do, to provide consistent business information value.

The forum will count with the presence of prominent business leaders from Georgia and abroad as well as distinguished members of the academic and intellectual world.