On June 6, at the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi, BUSINESS GEORGIA organized a Business Forum CONSTRUCTION GEORGIA 2017. Under the theme was discussed construction business as one of the growing sector in Georgia. The event’s main goal was to emphasize such factors as the role of construction sector for economic growth of the country and significant impact of standardization on the construction sector.

The participants discussed key directions of the construction industry: Role of construction sector for the economic growth; Safety issues meeting with the standards and highlights on quality; Energy efficiency standards – strategy and obligations of the country; Supply – demand correlation on the market, difficulties of the field; The factors of providers, spectrum of the resources necessary for construction and their compliance with the quality; Effective use of resources and successfully implemented large-scale projects; Infrastructural base and influence of technology on the field development; Funding construction business and existed risk factors; Construction sector as an attractive field for investors; Green innovations in construction and Platforms for exchanging information and reaching contractors.

The forum represented more than 300 participants, including high level government officials, commercial and international sectors, entrepreneurs and start-ups, construction and developer companies, Importer and Exporter company representatives, Investors, Financial institutions, Insurance sector, investment companies, consulting sector, media, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, individuals who represent decision-making organizations, play a key role in creating effective business environment and developing further process.

„Georgia has 6.951 active construction companies, which proves the importance of this industry for the country, for business sector and for the public in general. BUSINESS GEORGIA has gathered all players of this sector to identify, discuss and summaries challenges and new opportunities for further development. There are many investment opportunities for construction projects and our company is connecting foreign investors to the Georgian businesses and spreading necessary business information for local and international audience”, has noted General Director of BUSINESS GEORGIA, Mrs Ana Gogishvili.

BUSINESS GEORGIA is distinguished by organizing business forums and by defining relevant topics it emphasizes the fact and processes that reflects the business environment in the country. By conducting subject based, industry based and regional business forums, company intends to provide all the interested parties with the relevant information and support the ones that are involved in the process of forming business climate for strategic business development in Georgia.