Georgia in a Global Rankings


9th place in Ease of Doing Business (World Bank, 2017)

8th place in Global Economic Freedom survey (Frazer Institute, 2017)

8th place for low taxes worldwide (World Economic Forum, 2017)

7th place in Enforcing Contracts (World Bank, 2018)

6th Safest Country in the world’s 117 countries (Numbeo, 2016)

4th place in Ease of Starting Business (World Bank, 2018)

4th place in Registering a Property (World Bank, 2018)

2nd place in Protecting Minority Investors (World Bank, 2018)

2nd place in Effective Service Delivery (Life in Transition Survey, EBRD)

1st place in Official Documents Issuance (Life in Transition Survey, EBRD)


Georgia gained 10 positions in the 2017 Index of Economic Freedom and currently holds the 13th position among 180 countries. Georgia holds the 5th place among European countries and is only behind Switzerland, Estonia, Ireland and Great Britain

According to Crime Index Rate, Georgia is listed at top six safest countries out of 117

Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia increased by 403.30 USD Million in the first quarter of 2017. Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia averaged 306.82 USD Million from 2005 until 2017


The BDO International Business Compass measure the attractiveness of a country as a multi-dimensional concept. Georgia has the best indicators in the perspective of investment destination among neighboring countries


According to The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 among 138 countries Georgia holds 59 place