Media Industry 2016

On July 14, 2016, JSC Business Georgia and Bank of Georgia launched large-scale Business Forum – “Media Industry 2016” at the Courtyard Marriott, Tbilisi.

The first forum in Georgia on the media industry was dedicated to the specific, strategically important and relevant issues considering current situation in Georgian media market, where experts discussed the challenges and opportunities of media, as well as mutual benefits of media and business.

“Business Georgia’s discussion based forums are designed to improve the exchange of the information, to form the background for the future partnerships between business, governmental, international sectors and the society, and to positively impact on general business climate in the country. Forum’s goal was to enlighten to the business representatives’ different ideas and to showcase the media industry  as the important part of business and society”, said Executive Director of Business Georgia, Mrs Ana Gogishvili.

Among the speakers were media experts and business leaders, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations. During the panel sessions the modern media industry in Georgia has been rated, challenges and opportunities – identified, also, the discussion about the mutual interest of media and business was held.

The format of the forum allowed leading local and international professionals from different sectors to be in one space. There was represented media companies from Georgia, CEOs from business sector, publishers, government bodies, members of Parliament, media startups, advertising companies, PR professionals, international organizations, NGOs and private investors.

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