13 Important Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Georgia

BUSINESS GEORGIA’s video “13 Facts about Georgia”, in 24 hours reached record views


Promotional video “13 important facts about Georgia” created by BUSINESS GEORGIA has reached more than 300.000 views, and more than 10.000 Shares on Facebook. The video caused great interest in the public, especially embassies and various organizations spread it on their official pages. Video was also greatly appreciated by Georgian as well as by representatives of foreign countries, who had a desire to visit Georgia after watching this video.

BUSINESS GEORGIA’s strategic goal is to promote, support and develop Business in Georgia. For this purpose, the company planned to create and use different lines of Media, including Printed, Digital, Event, Travel and Visual Media, to collect, analyze, share and spread useful information for Georgians as well as Foreigners. Business Georgia as a media source is proud of being a special reference for all interested bodies on creating or developing business or investing in Georgia.

Since the day of establishment, BUSINESS GEORGIA has already launched several products, such as bilingual magazine BUSINESS GEORGIA, monthly based Business Forums and Business Tours.

“We will offer to the public a series of interesting video clips, the purpose of which is to introduce and share the facts about the greatest history and culture, to increase awareness and create an image of a country, which is directly connected to the development of the country’s business environment. I would like to point out that after watching this video, many investors have directly contacted us and expressed interest in doing business in Georgia”, has noted Head of PR Department of BUSINESS GEORGIA, Ms Tamuna Ubiria.