GSMEA and SKY HI Organized Lecture About Software Licensing

April 5, 2017 – Georgian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Association and IT services company “SKY HI” has organized a public lecture about Software Licensing at the Technopark Tbilisi. The event was attended by small and medium sized business owners, directors and top management representatives. Lecture helped listeners to figure out, what is the difference between paid and free software, what problems existed in Georgian small and medium sized business of using licensed software, what is the licensing methods and how to save licensing budget.
Seminar was facilitated by Managing partner of (SKY HI), Mr Tornike Tokhadze and Director of Small and Medium sized Enterprises Association (GSMEA) Mr. Mikheil Chelidze. In the interview, with the event’s media partner BUSINESS GEORGIA, Mr. Mikheil emphasized the importance of subject and noted that similar type of free educational lectures are planned for the future:
“As in any sector of business, a lack of information is a serious problem, since 2017 we started conducting free lectures. Our new strategy is to inform many businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, and others, who think that this issue is relevant for them and explain in detail, what important financial and legal challenges they may face on regarding to protect Intellectual property and not only.”
In Georgia, small and medium sized businesses represent 99 %. Protection of Intellectual property is an issue that involves practically all businesses. For nowadays, all state agency and large business already has obtained a license, except small and medium sized business. As computer programs are considered as intellectual property, to sell it without a license is punishable by law. Fine is ten times more than its cost, for example, if we are using $ 250 unlicensed Windows in computer, fine per computer could be at least $ 2500.
“On the financial side, this may be impact on business. There are the second case, we are given 1 month after the notification and during this time we can purchase it. In this case, we do not pay the fine, however, is much more costly, because have to pay for different programs separately. Therefore, business need more informed about the issue. It is important to provide them information about what alternatives and sanctions exist. That is why it needs to create a study plan and only after that, take concrete conclusion,” added Mr. Chelidze.
Managing Partner of “Sky Hi”, Mr. Tornike Tokhadze in the interview, talked about two main challenges. “Regarding to Intellectual property protection for small and medium sized businesses, are two most important challenges, the first is global trends and the second is our local condition. As for intellectual property, Georgia was really promoted, in our country, law protects intellectual property, it is necessary to bring it active. The state is gradually implemented it and we are helping the business sector. The second topic is global trends, which tells us that everything is in CLOUD, all in clouds. Therefore we should be prepared and understand what benefits it bring us, “clouds” and what does it mean to be in the clouds.”
Media company BUSINESS GEORGIA is also organizing similar types of events, for industry development and business support and provides important information for business sector.