Akhmeta – Untapped Resources

Akhmeta’s  municipality is surrounded by mountains and high ranges. There are many waters and fast mountain rivers. Akhmeta’s municipality is unique because of its natural conditions. We can find here, collectively the three State Reserve (Batsara, Babaneuri, Tushetian). Akhmeta is only one municipality where are so many of the preserves together.

There are many other sights in the municipality, for example Bakhtrioni castle, which was built in XVII century 50s, Kvetara the historical castle town, it was  in UNESCO World Heritage list, also a Monastery of Alaverdi and many others.

Area of Akhmeta district  is2207.6 kilometers. Out of the 80 266 is  agricultural lands, and other 91200  are forests. Akhmetas population are 42 400 persons.  8 500 people live in the city, and other33 900 people in the villadges. In the municipality, there are 62 settlements and one of the city.

Business Georgia’s special edition will cover following issues:

➤Economic environment and the popular business sectors in Akhmeta;

➤Supporting projects of the government;

➤Problems in the region;

➤Plans, priorities;

➤Recommendations for business;