“We Want It To Be Ten Times Better”

Scientist and businessman, Nikoloz Vacheishvili shared his story of success with us. For full interview with the businessman, read Business Georgia Magazine.

– You haven’t abandoned science. You read lectures in two Universities. Do you see the difference between the two activities? Could business be regarded as a kind of “foe” of science?

I can’t say anything about “feud” but it sure is a challenge. They actually are two parts of one sphere – their balanced development, being active in science and wine-making is also an essence of life. Thus Ateni is an “open space”, oft en visited by my students. There we can discuss different issues: cultural landscape or the mechanisms of the protection of monuments and the environment, and so on. In short, we can regard these two different jobs as two spheres replenishing one another.

–As Bernard Shaw used to say: Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time. Now that you have distanced yourself from the mistakes, do you think that any of them were fatal?

As I have already told you I like to recheck, to turn the personal goal into a “public” one before making a step – I believe it used to keep me out of harm. For the same reason I feel sorry not for the mistakes I made, but rather for the fact that even more could’ve been done, with bigger intensity, and subsequently better results. Nevertheless, life is as it is, and considering that more could’ve been done one might as well brace oneself and manage to do it.

– What did you fail to achieve for the lack of time, what would you like to go back to?

Many things… For instance, I would have returned to the issue of educating the new generation in the sphere of cultural heritage. I would have made it a principal issue. It was important in the past but life goes on so it has to gain an even bigger importance. Your question too refers to the same sphere – whatever exists is probably good, but we want it to be ten times better.