Plans made for china

Formation of export-oriented enterprises, free trade agreement with China, Anaklia port and Startup Georgia – there are few of the main subjects, in huge interview with Business Georgia.

Here is a brief summary of the whole interview that our readers can find in Business Georgia July streaming film The Circle online

One of the main issues that have been discussed with Mr. David Saganelidze, the head of Partnership fund is relation with China. “Georgia’s future, but also world’s will be closely related to China’s economy. China is a country that made a fantastic leap in recent years – it gave an example of development for the world, how such a giant country can move forward so fast and whether we want it or not, we got involved in that huge project called Silk Rode or as the president of China says “one zone, one road”. Our role, main purpose is to find our place within this project. Because every country tries to find its place, position, strategically and geographically we have precisely that location, which should condition our great success in this direction.

The interview covered the topics related with the investment projects implemented by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. “When the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was being created, Georgia became the founder country during the last days. We got to the system in the last days. Two months ago, on the Boao’s Forum, the head of investments department of our fund and I met the head of this bank and its working group. We discussed 3 areas in the direction of infrastructure. One of the discussed areas was rehabilitation  of the railway, the second one was the ways that are considered as a priority and the third one is high-speed railway that is considered as a Baku-Batumi direction and then from Batumi to Istanbul. This is unique project, which can bring visitors from Baku to Batumi in 4 hours and the most important thing is that it will pick up potential passengers on the way.”