Business Georgia and Bank of Georgia to Organize First Media Forum

14 July, 2016, Tbilisi Business Georgia and Bank of Georgia, the leading Georgian bank are going to hold the first large-scale business forum “Media Industry 2016” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The forum on Media Industry in Georgia represents a platform for Georgian and foreign media and business leaders, where the participants can discuss current media challenges in the country as well as new possibilities and mutual benefits between business and the media. The aim of the forum is to represent different viewpoints and highlight the importance of developing of the media industry in Georgia. During the panel discussion, the participants will cover the possibilities of successful cooperation, between business representatives and the media industry as well as the challenges and future plans.

The forum will be divided into two panels. Among the participants of the panel, there will be media experts and business leaders, representatives of international organizations and nongovernmental sector. The modern media industry of Georgia will be assessed in the panel frame. Discussion related to common interests of the media and business will also take place.