Direct flights from Oman & Romania to Georgia to be launched in 2018

Two new airlines, Oman’s Salam Air and Romanian Blue Air Airline will launch direct flights to Georgia in 2018.

Romanian company Blue Air Airline plans charter flights to Georgia from February 2018. The flight will connect Bucharest to Tbilisi.

The agreement was made during the visit of Romanian companies to Georgia organised by the Embassy of Romania to Georgia. The main goal of the visit was to deepen tourism cooperation between two countries.

The travel agency Level Tour wants to propose Georgia to the Romanian tourists as an alternative to the ski holidays in Bulgaria, Austria or other known destinations for winter sports.

The direct flight has a duration of two and a half hours and will be operated in the charter system.

One more low-cost airline from Oman, Salam Air, is entering the Georgian market, scheduling the first flights to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, for June 2018.

The flights on the route Muscat-Tbilisi-Muscat will link the two capital cities four times a week. Furthermore, the airline company also intends to open a representative office in Tbilisi and invest in Georgia.

Last years, Georgia became a hot tourism destination from all over the world, which brought new direct flights and it has been opened new airports as well in the regions of Georgia.