Archeological excavations prove that the territory of Gurjaani municipality has been populated from ancient times. In 1965 the house of a stone aged human being was discovered. Five administrative entities border the municipality of Gurjaani and above mentioned plays the most important role among them.

Economic environment and the popular business sectors

The leading activity here is agriculture, especially viticulture and livestock farming. 20 % of agricultural lands have been occupied by vine culture.

The main branch of industry is wine-making. There are several wine and alcohol factories in the region as well as small factories of other profiles. There is progress in economics. New vineyards have also been planted.


Main sights: Jon Malkhaz Shalikashvili Museum of Georgian Army History, Velistsikhe Theatre, Gurjaani All saints.

We have to mention the resort “Akhtala” on the territory of Gurjaani. The resort has got special mud which is used for treatment.

Business Recommendations

Solving the problem of water and infrastructure is on the first place to make the entrepreneurs’ labor easier.