The municipality of Dedoplistskaro is the largest administrative entity of Kakheti region. The landscape and wild nature of Dedoplistskaro is unique in the world. The vivid example of which is the protected area of Vashlovani.

Economic environment and the popular business sectors

The municipality is well-known for its large amount of agricultural lands. The basic harvests are crops and sunflowers. 90 % of the territory is digested and tested.


Main sights: Khornabuji Castle, Protected area of Vashlovani, St. Elias Mount.

Business Tips

The region is near the capital of Georgia. It is rich in human resources, the staff is experienced and qualified.

One of the advantages is being close to railway- a cheap type of transportation. There are all kinds of conditions to start business in Dedoplistskaro, one more asset is also government support.