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Georgia’s media sector is one of the strongest ones in Europe and Asia, – the Media Sustainability Index Georgia 2016. According to the research the index is measured according to five components including legal environment, journalism quality and media management practice. Georgia has received highest evaluation out of the three (in both – pilot and basic researches). As for Georgia’s neighbors, Georgia received almost the same score as Armenia and far more than Azerbaijan and Russia. Television, magazines, and newspapers are all operated by both state-owned and for-profit corporations which depend on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues. The Constitution of Georgia guarantees freedom of speech. As a country in transition, the Georgian media system is under transformation.

Television has always been the main axis of media. Though we have to face the fact, that the demand is on online news, correspondingly, the number of online media readers has increased. “New Media” that is mostly represented by agencies is nowadays oriented on spreading the news on time.

New Challenges and Possibilities

Georgian Media is in the process of development and coming closer to internationally approved media-standards.

The new technological opportunities have totally changed basic tendencies in the sphere of mass communications and Georgian media is not an exception.

Internet has changed the attitude of people toward the news. Media has enlarged its boundaries, developed and has turned into profitable business. Internet, that is informational alternative, made the process of getting the news easier and more practical. Despite the fact that all these issues have caused decline in media publications, the new technological tendencies made the progress of this sphere more efficient.

In Georgian media internet is being formulated as a strong platform of information delivery and is available in every single part of our planet. In fact, it means that electric means of mass information have reached even such places, where a human has never been before.

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