Prime Minister’s Speech

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline construction Ceremony was initiated  in Greek city Thessaloniki.

Within the frames of the stage 2 of the Shah Deniz Project in Caspian Sea, the Shah Deniz Consortium adopted a decision regarding construction of South Gas Corridor that envisages transportation of gas to Italy through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Greece and Albania. The overall length of the pipeline is 3460 km and the cost of the project is 45 billion USD.

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline is part of the above mentioned route that covers Greece, Albania and South Italy through Adriatic. The overall capacity of the pipeline is 10-20 cubic meters.

Within the auspices of South Gas Corridor, Georgia is a strategic partner. Construction works aimed at expansion of the capacity f South Caucasian Pipeline have already been launched. 2 billion USD will be invested in the project. 400 million USD will be utilized to purchase goods and services in Georgia. As a result, the capacity of the pipeline will increase from 6 to 16 cubic meters. The length of the South Caucasus Pipeline is 690 km. 2000 people will be employed at various stages of the construction works, whereas 130 new working places will be created after the completion of the project. Starting from 2019, thanks to the project, Georgia will receive additional volumes of gas at preferential rates. Starting from 2020, Georgia will receive around 1 billion cubic meters of gas.