Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in Georgia

An international conference will look at the impact that the European Court of Human Rights has on the life of ordinary citizens, discuss the execution of the European Court’s judgments in Council of Europe member States, including Georgia.

Moreover, it will highlight the role that national institutions in Georgia play in ensuring the effective enjoyment of the Convention rights in the country, preventing and rectifying violations, in line with the principles of subsidiarity and of shared responsibility underpinning the whole Convention system.

In particular, Georgian and international speakers will look at existing domestic remedies, the way draft legislation is assessed vis-à-vis their compatibility with European standards, and how the Convention is integrated in the training of legal professionals. The respective roles of state institutions and civil society will also be discussed.

The Conference in Tbilisi will involve the Ministry of Justice and the judiciary, training institutions, civil society, as well as international experts. Mr Philippe Boillat, Director General of Human Rights and Rule of Law (DG1) will participate in the Conference on behalf of the Council of Europe.

The conference organised under the joint programme between the European Union and the Council of Europe “Application of the European Convention on Human Rights and harmonisation of national legislation and judicial practice in Georgia in line with European standards” is to take place in Tbilisi.