HD Forex The Best Way of Self – Employment

Several years ago, the interbank electronic financial market entered Georgiaas a novelty. Over the years, various companies were making an effort to raise the public awareness of trade on the exchange market, trying to attract the potential customers and process investments by means of different platforms. However, only HD-Forex managed to establish this world’s most profitable business in Georgia succesfuly. The team of professionals helps the business partners to properly implement and manage their investments, trains the applicants in the specifics and the innovative methods of the exchange market.

Mr. Otar Aleksandria, General Manager of HD-Forex has reviewed the issues related to the detailed analytics, professional approach, balanced trading and their rich experience.

HD Forex is an official partner of the Swiss Bank DUKASCOPY, by which we provide our customers with the most advanced high-tech trading platform. This means the quick fulfillment of the orders due to high liquidity. Moreover, it should be noted that unlike our competitors, we have a very low spread (the difference between the price of purchase and sale of the currency), meaning that a customer pays a lower fee. It is also important that our company is staffed by the professional traders, who make it possible for any enthusiasts to go through the training courses and master classes. We are also able to offer the IB (Introducing Broker) program to the business partners. For legal entities and individuals IB is a good way to earn a commission income by attracting customers
to HD-Forex.

What does the J-Forex platform represent and what advantages has it got in relation to other similar products – find full article in Business Georgia 1st issue.