Batumi Sea Port – The Logistic Center of Caucasus

Batumi port has always been the logistic center of the region. It was the first port, which has gained the status of a transit country. In 1878 when Batumi port declared as “Porto Franco” it promoted its further development. “Porto Franco” means a free port. It was the name of Batumi when it was under Russia membership in 1878-1886. What kind of the situation was at that time was written in publications such as “Droeba” and “Iveria”. Despite everything, “Porto Franco” gave the city a special charm.

In 1885, 34 500 foreigners visited the city. Famous investors were interested in Georgian economy, also at that time oil pipeline Baku-Batumi became the longest in the world. Modern Batumi is an important sea transport hub. Batumi sea port is one of the best in a harbor of Black sea for its geographical location, by its naturally deep-water coast. It is special for its strategic and natural advantages. The oldest historical and architectural monuments, recreational and cultural zones, rich subtropical vegetation are the main attractions of Batumi and the surrounding area.

The oil is the decisive factor for the development of port. At the beginning of the twentieth century Batumi was on leading position in Black sea region with its commodity circulation and great importance. It became an international corridor towards oil transitions. In the second half of twentieth century, Batumi became popular towards means of communication as well. At this time sea tourism reached its popularity. It became a main reason of entering a large number of cruise ships in the region.

During the existence of Trans-Caspian international transport route TITR’s (2014 of February) different activities have been performed, particularly it has developed an effective tariff policy, organized the technology of cargo transitions, container train ‘Nomad Express’ was launched in July by the following routes: China (Shikhezi) – Kazakhstan (Dostik-Aktau port) – Azerbaijan (Kishli) The number of countries participating in Trans-Caspian corridor is increased.

Nowadays the committee is represented by seven countries: Kazakhstan, China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and administrations of rail, maritime, port and logistics companies of Romania. In 2016 from 12 till 15 September Georgian International Maritime Forum was held in Batumi. It should be noted that the maritime sector in the event of such scale is unprecedented for the city and it is very important for the development of maritime transport.

Vivid proof of the importance of the forum International Maritime Organization- is Secretary General, Mr. H.E. Kitack LIM’s participation. The aim of forum was to strengthen relations between the sea transport organizations and field’s regional players. An important topic of the conference was environmental problems in the field of marine and ways to minimize it.

During the discussion it became relevant to improve implementation of new technologies in order to develop green policies. Throughput efficiency of the oil terminal is – up to 15 million tons annually. The terminal specializes in refining raw oil and almost all types of oil products: diesel fuel, petrol, reduced cruel and so on.


The given berths are leased to Ltd “Batumi Oil Terminal” until 2019. Throughput efficiency of the container terminal is 100 000 TEU annually. The container terminal has opened storing areas and possesses transshipment equipment, which specializes in operating with containers in direct and storage ways. The ferry runs between Varna, Iliychevsk, Poti and Batumi. The operation of the ferry is totally automated. The nominal throughput efficiency of the terminal is approximately 700 000 tones. Maximum throughput of the dry cargo terminal – 2,0 million tons annually.


Passenger terminal is situated in the center of city, along the seaside of boulevard. The throughput efficiency is about 180 000 passengers annually. The passenger berths No.10 and No.11 ensure handling passenger ships as Batumi Oil Terminal.


Batumi oil terminal is Kazakhstan’s first strategic oil transition asset in the Black sea. The terminal area covers 90 hectares; technological center takes up the main part. Terminal can have restarted 22 types of oil and oil products services include: service of loading and unloading, cargo warehousing and storage services, ships and other means of transport, organizational and economic services, brokering, freight forwarding and other services.

Nowadays on the territory of Batumi port area it is planned to build a factory that will produce food for animals, there will also be placed objects for grain saving. Cruise tourism development is another important issue. Interesting presentation was held regarding this issue presented in a detailed analysis of the situation of cruise industry and its trends. In the interview with Business Georgia the current director of the Batumi port said that nowadays cruise tourism is very important. He said that the ferry service is carried out in Batumi-Ilichevsk, Batumi-Novorossiysk-Bergacy.

It also operates a variety of cruise liner, for e g: Batumi-Sochi direction. Currently the infrastructure works are going on systematically. In particular, the 10th and 11th berths are being rehabilitated. A survey was conducted; the entire port was roofed. The rehabilitation of this berths is important because they are designed to get cruise liners and military ships. They are also parts of the coast, which is visited by people for leisure. Cruise tourism development is in the interests of the autonomous republic of Adzharia tourism and resorts development department.

However, there are independently existing objective factors, which are major obstacles for the development of the industry. For example, the conflict in Ukraine, unstable relations with Turkey, the existing high fee on the Bosporus.