Business Tour

The purpose of Business Tours – one more product of Business Georgia, is to connect Georgian businesses and start-ups with potential investors.

Within the General Business Tour local and international delegations representing business networks, will visit different locations that may be strategically important and interesting target objective for planning various business projects. Activities don’t have any limitations regarding the fields.

Visitors will get introduced to the industries of great potential, will see the systems of functioning of different structures (Governmental & Private), find out about investing opportunities and exchange necessary information.

Tour participants will be able to get information about business environment in Georgia, business sector, different industry potential, investment projects and opportunities, as well as exchange important topics with potential business partners.

General Business Tour will be held in Tbilisi. Tbilisi is a capital of Georgia and the largest city in the country. Most of the economic and social potential is gathered here. In spite of the fact that Tbilisi is over populated it maintains its beauty and historical values.

We have 3, 4 and 5 days General Business tours. Number of destinations depends on duration of the Tour.

 You will visit:
• Government bodies
• Successful Companies
• Business Associations/ Chambers
• Banks and Micro Financial Organizations
• Factories
• Business Centers
• Business Incubators
• Industrial zones
• Markets (Modern & Traditional)
• Business Schools
 Information you will receive:
• Governmental policies, programs and          incentives
• Georgia Legislation
• How to start a business
• Property Registration
• Getting permits
• Trade Documentation
• Tax System
• Investment Opportunities
• Business Resources (HR ICT)
• Customs Clearance Procedures
• Trade Opportunities
• Tenders & Auctions
 You will meet:
• Heads of Government bodies
• Parliament Members
• Members of Chambers
• Experts
• Lawyers
• Accountant
• Importers/Exporters
• Holding Companies

During the tour there will be held a working meeting, where investors will have the opportunity to get the information about the specific investment projects.

Tour also will cover non-official part: Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, Narikala – Old Tbilisi – Botanical Garden, Tbilisi Concert Hall, National Museum, Tbilisi Funicular, Kartlis Deda (monument), Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnology, Touristic views around Tbilisi.

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