During last times, construction industry is extremely active in Georgia. The rate of launching and implementing new construction projects is quite high and competition as well is really strict. It is obvious that the field is challengeable and the potential of development is high.

In this situation it is really important to conduct activities like these business tours that promotes even further development of the field.


Georgia possesses rich quarries of construction materials. There are several big cement mills in the country and places producing lime in Georgia. Georgia is rich with marble – Saleti, Sadakhlo, Lopota. Several small mills process marble bars. There is a teschenite -processing mill in Kursebi. Limestone bars are processed near EkGEL and Godogani quarries. Basalt and tuff bars are processed in Tbilisi and Kvemo Kartli.

There are several brick and hundreds of small block mills in Georgia producing ceramic and silicate bricks, blocks from cement and inert materials. Roof materials are presented by tin-plate, asbestos-cement plates (slate) and roofing.

Wide range of decorative tiles is produced in Tbilisi Ceramic Plant. Metal-Concrete frameworks are produced in main cities.

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