challenging industries of 2016 to start business

What do business owners, professionals and experts expect 2016 to hold for start up business? According to some brilliant minds in this field : Analytics Will Become More Cost-Effective and Will Serve Small Businesses Well, Cloud Computing and the Web-Based Boom Will Continue , Ease of Access Through the Latest Technology Will Be a Priority , Collaboration and Social Responsibility Will Play Increasingly Important Roles .
Snack Food Production Profits in this industry average about 15 percent. As long as disposable income stays strong, says IBIS World, there’s room for new businesses to sell premium snacks and produce new ones using less-traditional ingredients. Good example of it Is Georgian apple snacks.

Social Gaming Developers, Remember Farmville? IBIS thinks social games such as that one are going to enjoy a boom between now and 2019, growing by about 12 percent a year. Growth is being fueled by both the increasing number of broadband connections and smartphones, applications for mobile devices.

Also popular trends in 2016: Social Media Consulting, Online Business, Health clubs and etc.

Start up businesses will take the next big step in 2016.