Business Make-up with Maka Shaverdashvili

Makeup art is a part of creative activity. As it is said, in this case, only the good knowledge of how to apply makeup is not enough, as unlike painters, makeup artists have to deal with an absolutely different challenge: a makeup artist has to create such portrait of a person that his/her undesirable
part was hidden and all the positive sides were revealed.

A makeup artist has to please everyone by his/her creation. You will definitely agree that it is not an easy task. Maka Shaverdashvili, an artist and a makeup artist by profession, is one of the most captivating respondent not only for all businessmen, but also for the people, who are interested
in being attractive at meetings with partners, at parties or business dinners. She is also useful to those people, who want to make money and develop their businesses by doing what they really like.

Get media masterclasses on makeup art in Business Georgia in October.