Business for charity and healthy life style – Preparing for Wings for life

Nowadays сompanies are actively involved in charity. More and more businesses are interested in promoting healthy lifestyle. And they are  building up the benefits of daily exercise and good nutrition through their sponsorship of active, healthy living programs worldwide.

Wings for Life World Run is one of the charity projects. It connects people from all around the world. Everyone, worldwide, on the same day, at the same time is running for those who can’t. it’s first and only running race competition, on may 8/2016, participants from all 6 continent will start running for charity. Every single extra person who runs for those who can’t brings the cure for spinal cord injury one step closer. This project establishes not only charity program, but also healthy lifestyle. People realize that it’s the best way of living.

Georgia will participate in this annual, charity event and will run for each person who can’t.