Axis Towers – New Hub for Business

Georgian business and governmental sectors, media and international bodies had the opportunity to attend one of the largest investment project of the country implemented jointly by Axis and Georgian Co-investment Fund. Presentation of “Axis Towers” was conducted at the territory of twin skyscrapers in Tbilisi. Multifunctional complex includes two 41 floors’ skyscrapers.

According to the General director of Axis, Axis Towers is an unprecedented project considering its scales and functionality. This multifunctional complex covers 5 different and strategic directions. High level residential , office, commercial and entertainment spaces will be placed within the building, as well as the 5 star french hotel – Pullman will also take place in it.

The project is equally important for development of tourism and real estate sectors, that also promotes strengthening of the country economy.

According to the initiators, they are providing Georgian market with the international experience and promoting growth of employment rate at the same time.