Unique Flower Shop Anemone opened in Tbilisi by young entrepreneurs

Located in a residential complex of “Your House on Jikia”, Flower shop Anemone makes a good impression with its innovative design and exotic plant assortment. Together with the fresh domestic plants, shop also supplies premium imported plant varieties.

With careful preparation and great interest, young couple and owners of the Flower Shop Anemone, Giorgi Ubiria and Ani Arveladze hope that this will be a trustworthy place where customers can have a new experience with premium pot-plants as well as other plant-caring products promising to be appreciated and receiving eye-catching presents.

“Our shop aims to bring customers the most beautiful and freshest plants for their house decoration, to design green balconies or home interior, creating beautiful environment around them. The Flower Shop Anemone offers a unique and comfortable green space, where plants are replanted to a desirable colorful pots based on the request and needs of the customers,” noted Giorgi Ubiria with the BUSINESS GEORGIA.

Most of the plants are imported from the Netherlands and then sold in selected pots. Owners of the shop are somehow trying to set up the tradition of gifting flowers in pots using a slogan – Gift in Pot. Flower Shop Anemone’s products are sold both at the store and in social media making available easy and fast delivery services.

The young entrepreneurs already have attracted new corporate connections and some developer companies started partnership and ordered garden plants for their residential complexes. Their plans are to expand and offer unique opportunities for each customer.

BUSINESS GEORGIA is impressed and ready to support entrepreneurs in Georgia by spreading business information, especially promoting those who are enough brave to start own business and develop the economy of the country by their creative ideas, influencing youth and motivating them to become independent business people.

Photos by Khatia Psuturi