The Peak of Georgian Intellect Club and Jeopardy Launch

Giorgi Mosidze, Founder of Georgian Intellect Club

– In a business sphere, there is a term called “Entrepreneur’s Dilemma”, when a businessman finds hard to step forward, afraid to fail, due to the demotivating surrounding. It is an essential factor
for life too – to step forward. What was your path of success?

– In 1991, the first game we played was at the medical institute and drew wide response from the society because during these very difficult years, the young generation was getting together every
Sunday and playing. Next year, there will be the 25th Anniversary of first game. However, it took us several years of daily, hard work to get, where we stand today. Despite the great difficulties, the
game did not stop. This very systematic approach has led to bringing up the generations. Now, finding a sponsor is not difficult any more. Today, those, who used to play with us, are occupying various positions, including the work in business structures and initiating assistance.

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