The Business oriented Education as a priority

Sort and Recycle, Paint Path, Math Balloons, Shopping Cart – this is the incomplete list of the applications that were created by the members of GeoLab. Total amount of project participants, nowadays, is up to 40. At the current moment, some of them are trying to transform from the start-up level to a strong company. That’s the plan of young programmers’ team, SeeMind, which has already created Paint Path application. The young start-ups are currently undertaking the same road, as the most strongest and famous companies, including Google.

In her interview with Business Georgia Natia Gavardashvili, Mobile internet and additional services supervisor at Geocell, highlighted the importance of practice based education for business support and development. “In GeoLab person with a new idea is always welcome, we listen to him/her and help as much as possible, give the right direction, the strong sides of idea are highlighted and if it is assumed that this idea can become part of business or help somebody else’s business or even cover the social sphere, author is given right directions. So here we help people to get practice based education, share their ideas and even become successful start-ups.”