New Social Network from Georgian Developers

The information about the fact that in the near future we will have Georgian social network with great functionality is already spread within media. The project by Georgian and American developers is in the process of implementation and according to the initiators is supposed to gain world success. Ambitious work is being planned for 4 years already and strategically aims to compete with the predecessors like Facebook. Project authors say that they are creating the system, which is based on one of the most important function of nowadays’ internet and social media services and its potential is still not fully used.

CSR business georgia


People socialize. And it is, by all means, a permanent process of receiving and distributing norms, customs and ideologies. They provide an individual with the habits and skills which are vital for contributing within its own society. Hence, any healthy society also considers ethics as essential mechanism of communication between individuals. No doubt, it is an inevitable aspect of everyday life, and same comes with business activities and their methods. That is why the idea of Social Responsibility continues to be so actual for today’s society as a whole.

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a business concept suggesting to draw deep links between the business strategies and corporate social responsibility. Meaning that the competitiveness of a business and the well-being of the communities around it are mutually dependent. Since companies need a productively functioning workforce it is in their interests to thrive for
society’s development. For example, companies may sponsor the projects which aim to deliver health services, food quality research, or water resources distribution.

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